The Farm Plan

The IUCF will be located at 2920 E. 10th St., at the Hinkle-Garton Farmstead that is owned by Bloomington Restorations Incorporated (BRI). The property is located 0.6 miles from the front door of IU’s Hilltop Garden and Nature Center (a 13-minute walk), and is positioned on the City of Bloomington bus lines for easy access. The property includes 10 agricultural acres, a late 1800’s farmhouse, and four historic barns. Currently, there are ± 5 acres available for crop production, 3 acres available for pasturing, and 2 acres of established fruit and sap trees. This proposal seeks to develop the tillable acreage of the property, as well as establish additional orchards, high tunnels, and pastureland for grazing purposes.

The IUCF will focus on specialty crop production (fruits and vegetables), with the potential to develop animal husbandry at a later date. Product from the farm will be distributed/sold through three channels: to retailers (Sodexo, RPS, and Athletics), direct to consumers via a farm stand, and through an IU Community Supported Agriculture Program (CSA). Farm product will also be donated to the IU Crimson Cupboard food pantry, improving access to fresh nutritious food. The IUCF will pursue and gain National Organic Program certification.